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First iPad Mini-Challenging Windows 8 Tablet Leaks Via Amazon

Microsoft's Windows 8 full-size tablets are selling and they're even snagging a tiny chunk of market share...but no one could call them a raging sales success. That's why recent data on the OS was interesting as it looked like MS was relaxing the hardware specs to allow smaller tablets to carry Windows 8. This would let MS's manufacturing partners target the lower price market and thus appeal to the same consumers who are buying iPad minis.

Now, thanks to what looks like a slip-up by Amazon, we've had a glimpse of the very first of these devices: The Acer Iconia W3. It's got an 8.1-inch display at 1280 by 800 pixels and runs an Intel Atom CPU—not an ARM chip like Microsoft's own Surface RT entry level tablet. Crucially its price was $380, which places it above the $329 starting price of Apple's tablet.