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Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Is Rap Genius's Newest Verified Rapper

"She just gettin' warmed up," says the site.

Sheryl Sandberg has leaned way in to Rap Genius and is the site's newest verified rapper. She's annotated the intro to her own book, Lean In.

The COO of Facebook has already garnered a 2,500-plus rap IQ and is, according to Mahbod Moghadam of the site, "a boss, she truly understands wassup with the site." In fact, she's fourth on the rap leaderboard. Somebody scream!

Two months ago, Rap Genius got onto Groupon's Andrew Mason, parsing his farewell memo, and concluding that the founder of the discount site had just too much swagger for a public company.

[Image by Flickr user NRK P3]

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