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Spotify Acquires Tunigo, A Songza-Like Music Discovery App

Tunigo has its own popular Spotify app, which creates playlists based on moods and events.

Not to be outdone by Twitter's new #Music app, Spotify has acquired Tunigo, a music discovery service that already has a popular Spotify app.

Tunigo creates playlists around specific moods, genres, and events, such as "Party" or "Romance." It is similar to Songza, whose popular music concierge app has a team of "expert curators" that handcraft playlists to compliment what you're up to at any given time.

Though Tunigo will continue to run as its own app, it will be interesting to see how Spotify puts the team to work—the company's recent efforts to attract users have mostly centered around personalized new-music recommendations and curated playlists.

[Image: Tunigo]