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Student Creates World's First 3-D-Printed Handgun

Potentially, anyone will be able to print the gun, called "the Liberator," from home.

The world's first entirely 3-D-printed handgun has arrived. Cody Wilson, a 25-year-old student at the University of Texas, designed the 3-D-printable CAD files for a fabricate-at-home gun he calls "The Liberator." It fires real projectiles and can be built using a Dimension SST printer from Stratasys. Except for the firing pin, the gun is entirely fabricated inside a 3-D printer.

Wilson's non-profit, Defense Distributed, claims the gun can be printed by anyone. Already Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) has issued a press release calling for a ban on the blueprint, which will be released to the public for free early next week.