For Better Ideas, Take Your Boring Meetings Out For A Run

We can all agree that the conference room is probably not where your best ideas are born. Which is why taking a run is far from a waste of time.


FITiST is one of those companies that will never quite make sense in an office environment. Founded by two hardcore exercise nuts, it just seems natural that the real scheming for this revolutionary new fitness startup–one of our Most Innovative Companies this year–would happen out on the streets in a full sweat.


Off-site meetings are a key element of the typical workday for Neda Talebian Funk and Caroline Limpert, cofounders of FITiST. “When you’re running, your endorphins are up, you’re out of a traditional office–out of your element,” says Limpert. “You’re able to talk about things more openly and candidly.”

Neda Talebian Funk and Caroline Limpert

Both women agree that the endorphin-producing nature of a meeting-on-the-go stimulates creative thinking that never seems to happen in the conference room. They encourage colleagues to take business discussions out into the real world, where they can hash out plans over a beer, a cup of coffee, or that new aquatic jiu-jitsu class that everyone’s raving about. The venue doesn’t really matter, it’s the fresh perspective that makes all the difference.

Bottom Line: Often, the most productive meetings take place outside the office.

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