4 Reasons To Love Your Work–And The People You Work With

4 Reasons To Love Your Work–And The People You Work With

Loving your job doesn’t mean you’re in the throes of an office romance. It’s not that your gig is easy–some of the happiest people have the hardest jobs. Rather, As HubSpot CTO Dharmesh Shah notes on LinkedIn, job-love has a slow burn of fulfillment–the kind that can be engineered in your day to day.

Your customers are people

They’re neither consumers nor users, but people. While that might sound wishy-washy to time-macho badasses, appreciating the whole experience of the person interacting with your company is at the center of design thinking–and thus a gateway to innovation.

And like any good relationship, you focus on their needs, Shah says, and you feel fulfilled by filling them.

You work with–not for–your manager

What’s with the with? If you’re working with your manager, Shah writes, you feel valued, respected, and trusted–not resentful. Which shows that being a quality boss isn’t about bossing people around.

You actually like meetings

If meetings are “thoughtful, challenging discussions that lead to decisions, initiatives, and changes,” then it’s entirely possible they won’t make you want to die. Think of running fruitful meetings as a craft you can learn. For an expert example, look at how George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg conjured up Indiana Jones.

You enjoy being at work

You don’t feel alive once you get off work, you actually feel alive while you’re at your desk–or, maybe more precisely, in your flow. Shah says that if you love your job, you hardly ever look at the clock. It’s not that you’re never beholden to deadlines; instead, you feel immersed in, rather than alienated from the jobs to be done. There’s a handy word for that state: career.

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