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67. Aerin Lauder

Founder, creative director, Aerin

67. Aerin Lauder

The Beauty Heiress Making A Name For Herself

Beauty runs in the Lauder family, clearly. "Estée always had this idea: The woman knows what the woman wants," her granddaughter Aerin Lauder says. "That’s very true." Case in point: Lauder’s new lifestyle brand, Aerin, which reimagines Estée’s legacy for a new generation of women. The granddaughter thinks of herself as a "friend and an editor." Whereas Estée offered her clients more than 100 shades of lipstick, Aerin offers one. Eyeshadows? Two. "People don’t have the time, but they still want the quality and the style." Grandma would be proud.

[Portrait illustration by Denise Nestor]