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66. Michael Buckwald And David Holz

The Computer Conductors

"To create something on a computer shouldn’t require you to be a trained engineer," says David Holz, cofounder of Leap Motion. The startup’s Kinect-like controller democratizes computers in an extreme way—replacing old inputs like the mouse and keyboard with intuitive gestures. Imagine waving your hand in front of a screen to mold a 3-D model the same way you’d mold clay, or to edit audio without having to learn special software. It’s just the beginning: The Leap Motion controller debuted at Best Buy in May and will soon be embedded in a new line of HP computers. "Thousands of times a day, I reach out and pick up objects," says Holz’s business partner Michael Buckwald. "I do it with 100% success, without thinking about it at all." Computing, they say, should be just as easy.

Update: Leap Motion has delayed its release date to July 22.

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