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71. Caroline Ghosn

The Mentor Minter

Fresh out of Stanford and working as a Mc­Kinsey management consultant, Caroline Ghosn quickly realized that colleagues with mentors were climbing up fast. So just get a mentor, right? "There aren’t enough," Ghosn says, "and the dynamics are not favorable to young women." Levo League, her startup, uses tech to make the most of the mentors available. Weekly video chats with powerhouses such as AOL content chief Susan Lyne draw up to 10,000 viewers. A new Connect feature lets aspirants follow C-level leaders and allows those execs to manage a gaggle of mentees. Their offline community of 5,000 members also flourishes, with 22 (and counting) local branches. If Ghosn’s enterprise sounds like it’s ripped from the pages of Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In, well, Sandberg is an angel investor in Levo—and a mentor.

[Image courtesy of Levo League]