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19. Fred Graver

Head of TV team, Twitter

19. Fred Graver

The Live Tweeter

Fred Graver helped create a lot of appointment viewing in his days as a TV writer and executive—Late Night With David Letterman, In Living Color, Cheers, Best Week Ever. With Twitter, he’s trying to make everything must-see TV. "The first thing I always say [to producers] is, ‘I promise I won’t fuck up your show,’ " Graver says. About his mission, he explains, "There are all these people who are waiting to get something from you on Twitter, so how can we do it in a way that’s fun?" Graver is working to give prerecorded programs the feel of a live event, helping shows such as Glee find key moments in a script that could prompt a conversation, and getting them to flash a hashtag on-screen when they happen. "Social media is TV Helper," he says. "You can stretch one hour of a show into two hours of programming."

[Photo by Joi Ito]