2. Dong-hoon Chang

EVP, head of design strategy, Samsung

2. Dong-hoon Chang

The Galaxy Guide

Samsung–under the design direction of Dong-hoon Chang–has been killing the smartphone game, from the gargantuan Galaxy Note 2, which further popularized the “phablet” trend, to the Galaxy S III, which briefly unseated the iPhone last year as the best-selling phone in the world. To gather ideas during the development of the S III, Chang led his design team on a city-hopping observation tour around the globe, from hot-air-balloon rides in Africa to Singapore’s Skypark on the Marina Bay. He says the travels inspired the S III’s oval, pebblelike shape and shimmery color, as well as the water-ripple effect of its touch screen. “We were able to come up with a new design paradigm,” he says. And with it, a cool factor to rival Apple’s.

[Photo courtesy of Samsung]

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