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92. Leandra Medine

The Fashion-Blogger Savant

Problem: Most style blogs have the same loose theme: "Here are the things I like." To distinguish yourself in that crowd, you need a big personality... Or a fresh organizing principle.

Solution: "I will always be able to say, in 10 words or less, it’s a site about trends women love and men hate," says Leandra Medine, who launched the Man Repeller in April 2010 while still a journalism student at the New School in New York. The concept was snappy and simple, and easy to relate to: Love leopard-print harem pants? Welcome to the club. As of this spring, Man Repeller had built its audience into the mid-six figures, collaborated with Superga on a line of sneakers (dropping in August), and will spin off a book, Man Repeller: Seeking Love, Finding Overalls, in September.

[Photo by Samantha Casolari]