A Meditation On How Best-Selling Products Get That Way

Luxury is one of those words that instantly conjures a mental image: an exercise in decadence, perhaps some champagne and caviar aboard a yacht in the Mediterranean.

But AHAlife founder and CEO Shauna Mei believes that luxury is actually an individual spiritual quest, defined by those gestures–big or small–that bring a little extra joy and meaning into our lives. Bold words for the CEO of a site that specializes in high-end fashion and design.

Shauna Mei

Mei didn’t arrive at this conclusion alone. Her perspective was formed through meditation, a practice introduced to her by AHAlife board member and spiritual guru Deepak Chopra. The life-changing revelation spawned one of the site’s best-selling items: A tiny, pretty button with an embedded MP3 player that explains Chopra’s teachings. The runaway popularity of the product was just a happy accident, and further proof to Mei that customers are willing to embrace an untested idea if it is inspired and authentic.

Bottom Line: If you believe in something, go for it–even if there are no data points to support you.

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[Video produced by Shalini Sharma // Camera & edit by Tony Ditata]CW