A Meditation On How Best-Selling Products Get That Way

One of AHAlife’s best sellers, an MP3 button with guided meditation by Deepak Chopra, proves that luxury is not what you think–and supports the case for taking chances on untested, authentic ideas.


Luxury is one of those words that instantly conjures a mental image: an exercise in decadence, perhaps some champagne and caviar aboard a yacht in the Mediterranean.


But AHAlife founder and CEO Shauna Mei believes that luxury is actually an individual spiritual quest, defined by those gestures–big or small–that bring a little extra joy and meaning into our lives. Bold words for the CEO of a site that specializes in high-end fashion and design.

Shauna Mei

Mei didn’t arrive at this conclusion alone. Her perspective was formed through meditation, a practice introduced to her by AHAlife board member and spiritual guru Deepak Chopra. The life-changing revelation spawned one of the site’s best-selling items: A tiny, pretty button with an embedded MP3 player that explains Chopra’s teachings. The runaway popularity of the product was just a happy accident, and further proof to Mei that customers are willing to embrace an untested idea if it is inspired and authentic.

Bottom Line: If you believe in something, go for it–even if there are no data points to support you.

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[Video produced by Shalini Sharma // Camera & edit by Tony Ditata]

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