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The Sketch Artist

Darrin Crescenzi ticks off his loves: "alphabetical order, hyphens, right angles, No. 2 pencils." (What, not in alphabetical order?) But the New York–based designer isn’t all perpendiculars and pocket protectors. He was the creative mind behind a range of Nike branding campaigns, from the latest LeBron James logo to the typography on the 2012 Team U.S.A. Olympic basketball uniforms. Now, as a senior designer at global brand consultancy Prophet, Crescenzi works with companies ranging from Samsung to Visa. "I try to do a lot of sketching, mostly because I can’t not do it," he says. "I’m known among my friends for always having these disgusting sketchbooks with me, which I make out of scrap paper. I’ll be at a bar and I’ll have this thing in front of me."

[Sketches by Darrin Crescenzi]