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Google Patents Some Glass-Inspired Smartwatch Tech

Google has filed a new patent simply called "Smart-watch with user interface features" that demonstrates it's most definitely interested in the smartwatch game like so many of its peers.

The patent seems specifically aimed at solving the problems of competition for control space and display space on such a small device. Google notes that "the available space for a tactile interface may be sized relative to display requirements. Further, the ability to customize a device may be limited to changing display options on a fixed set of hardware associated with the device." In other words, the fixed hardware of a smartwatch, such as screen, body, and strap components may be a limiting factor. Hence Google's imagined a multitouch control surface on the strap on either side of the display—a configuration that seems very similar to the touchpad on the side of a Google Glass headset.

It's a small innovation, sure. But it does indicate that Google is continuing to pursue smartwatch wearable tech. Earlier this year Apple was said to have a 100-strong team working on its own smartwatch technology.