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Winky App Lets You Take A Photo On Google Glass In The Blink Of An Eye

Developer Mike DiGiovanni of agency Roundarch Isobar has come up with a gesture-based app for the Google Glass camera. When you wink, the shutter snaps—hence the name, Winky. Can a Winkstagram photo-sharing site be far off?

As Google Glass reverses out of the consciousness garage and parks itself in a bay named reality (that is to say, we're seeing them out in the wild in ever-increasing numbers), we're also going to see more services for the headset. It's exciting stuff.

DiGiovanni put a short video on his Google+ page showing off the app, and explains that he had to calibrate his wink for the gesture to work. And it's a pretty obvious wink—a monstrous pastiche of a wink, if you will.

So far, there have been no complaints from Mountain View about DiGiovanni's hack/app. One Fast Company colleague suggested that, if approved, Winky could become a friend to stalkers everywhere, who would be able to take surreptitious photos of anything and anyone.

[Image by Flickr user garlandcannon]