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Rumor: Microsoft's Next Surface Will Surface In June

There's a new rumor about Microsoft's second-generation Surface tablets.

According to, which watches the Eastern supply chains that feed many high tech manufacturers, Microsoft will be revealing the tablet at its June 26-28 Build Developer Conference.

Suppliers say they have already shipped the components for 1 to 1.5 million Intel-based tablets, which means the Surface Pro, since the end of 2012. More or less the same suppliers that drove the first-generation device are driving the new one, including names like Pegatron, Samsung, LG, and Nvidia. Digitimes' sources say Microsoft is only planning devices in the 7-9-inch size range, which supports a recent rumor that Microsoft was planning a smaller device to rival the iPad Mini and many Android tablets.

The timing of Microsoft's move is critical for its own sales, especially since the IDC's latest figures suggest the company only shipped 900,000 of the tablets (both versions combined) in the first quarter of this year.

It's also worth nothing that Apple is holding its key Worldwide Developers Conference from June 10th onward. The current rush of rumors don't seem to suggest the company will be revealing any new hardware then, despite earlier hints. It is expected to announce a new, thinner iPad and possibly a Retina-screen iPad Mini later in the year, along with a new iPhone and possibly a plastic-back cheaper iPhone model.

[Image: By Flickr user John Bristowe]