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76. Rebecca Nagle and Hannah Brancato

The Purposeful Pranksters

Last December, Victoria's Secret won praise for a new line of panties called Pink Loves Consent. The underwear sported messages such as NO MEANS NO and ASK FIRST. One purported Victoria's Secret worker even tweeted that her employer "stands for something so beautiful!!"

Surprise—Victoria's Secret had nothing to do with it. The products were an elaborate hoax concocted by this pair of Baltimore-based activists, whose FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture group raises awareness about rape. Thousands of people joined the cause by hashtagging tweets with #loveconsent, and picked up 100,000-plus unique visitors in the first four days.

The duo's next project: "We're starting to create a place online for people to speak up about their experiences, which normally have no space in public," Hannah Brancato says. Now they do: It's at