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The Code War

U.S. Government: We Have "Grave Concerns" About Chinese I.P. Theft

The United States Trade Representative's office issued a new report claiming that the government has "grave concerns" about wholesale intellectual property theft by Chinese firms.

A strongly worded government report released this week alleges Chinese hackers systematically steal intellectual property from American firms. The report, from the United States Trade Representative, says the government has "grave concerns" about Chinese intellectual property theft. According to The Hill's Brendan Sasso, trade secret theft can take multiple forms, including cyber intrusion and hacking, disgruntled employees, and misuse of information submitted to Chinese government entities.

The global report also singled out the Ukraine as a "priority foreign country" for violation of American intellectual property rights due to widespread use of pirated American software. The United States government alleges Ukrainian government agencies are engaged in the "widespread" use of pirated software.