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JC Penney is about to go through a sea change that will take the retailer back to its roots, from the looks of a new ad.

Released yesterday, the ad comes less than a month after CEO and former Apple retail chief Ron Johnson got the boot.

It's been "no secret" that JC Penney has gone through some changes, the ad admits, some less savory to customers than others. What the ad doesn't mention is these "changes" contributed to a more than $4 billion revenue loss for the company over the year and a half that Johnson helmed the company. Now, with Johnson's predecessor Myron Ullman back in as the head of the company, JC Penney is asking customers to come back.

"We heard you. Now, we'd love to see you," the ad states.

And speaking of heading back to its roots—the ad's end features the "jcpenney" logo, conspicuously forgoing the "jcp" that Johnson's JC Penney pushed during his tenure.