• 05.01.13

LinkedIn Adds Rich Media Like Photos, Video To Profile Pages

LinkedIn has changed its profiles to allow users to upload media like photos, video, and so on.

LinkedIn has brought even more focus to the content and design of its user profile pages by allowing users to embed rich media content onto their pages in addition to simple text.


This means that as well as descriptions of their experience and work history, LinkedIn’s clients can add photos, videos and even presentations. Alongside the multimedia content, which users can label with titles and descriptions, LinkedIn has also added the ability for commenting and likes.

This social media and networking-friendly move is a clear effort by LinkedIn to offer some of the visually attractive, socially-enabled magic already offered by sites like Facebook. It’s also an effort to rival contact aggregation or online business card sites like The new LinkedIn enables creative users to show off their work, letting them demonstrate their personal side.

Recently LinkedIn launched a new tool called LinkedIn Contacts that aggregates contact information from a user’s email, calendar and address book. It looks like the site is making an effort become something of a contact database for its users.

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