Join Us Here For A Live Video Hangout With The Brains Behind The New Myspace: How to Design a Makeover

As we recently chronicled, Myspace is attempting to do what few sites have managed: a major comeback.

At one point back in 2006, it was the not only the top social network but the most visited site of any kind.

A few years later, it was an easy punch line. Myspace was undone by a clutter of ads and widgets, balky service, and a little thing called Facebook, which came along offering a simpler and superior user experience.

Now Myspace has new owners – online ad veterans Chris and Tim Vanderhook and a high-profile partner in Justin Timberlake – and a new dramatic look. The redesign, which is central to the site’s comeback, could not feel more different than the old Myspace. Elegant visuals. Clever horizontal scrolling. Instant search without a search bar. It’s a new tune. But is it enough to bring back users and attract new ones?

Join our Google+ Hangout Wednesday at 11 a.m. EST with the Australian digital design shop behind the new look and feel: Ben Johnston, the CEO of Josephmark, and creative director Jess Huddart.

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