Most Creative Alumni: Where Are They Now?

Above, assorted Most Creative Alumni organized by year. Below, more alumni and what they’re up to now.

What happened to those at No. 1

  • Since Scott Forstall’s exit, Jonathan Ive (2009) has added software design to his Apple hardware design duties.
  • Though Justin Bieber is now Twitter’s most popular, Lady Gaga (2010) has a new album and a role in the Robert Rodriguez flick Machete Kills.
  • Wadah Khanfar (2011) resigned as director of Al-Jazeera and founded a pro-reform think tank called the Sharq Forum.
  • Ma Jun (2012) continues as director of the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, lately working on pollution in Beijing.


  • As director of engineering, Singularity University founder Ray Kurzweil (2010, rank: 62) is designing superintelligent robots.
  • ReCaptcha founder Luis von Ahn (2010, rank: 56), whose company Google acquired in 2009, helped create language-learning site Duolingo.
  • Tara Walpert Levy (2011, rank: 81), previously president of ad firm Visible World, is now Google’s managing director of ads marketing.
Ron Johnson


  • Jon Rubinstein (2009, rank: 9) resigned from HP after the disastrous 2011 TouchPad.
  • Though officially booted as Apple SVP in late 2012, Scott Forstall (2011, rank: 2) remains for now an adviser to CEO Tim Cook.
  • Both Groupon founder Andrew Mason (2010, rank: 96) and JCPenney’s Ron Johnson (2012, rank: 4) were dismissed from their CEO positions earlier this year due to the poor financial performance of their respective companies.