Respect Your Fan’s Intelligence, Get A Customer For Life

When littleBits arrived at Toy Fair 2012, founder Ayah Bdeir knew that she was throwing her tiny company into a classic round of David Vs Goliaths.

The annual conference is the flagship event for the toy industry. Titans like Mattel, Lego and Hasbro use the opportunity to debut new products in a glossy spectacle complete with celebrity endorsements and eye-popping displays. Bdeir showed up with little more than a homemade booth and the modular electronic “bits.” No matter: her groundbreaking project became the most popular exhibit of the entire fair, earning the “Best of Toy Fair 2012” award.

Ayah Bdeir

Bdeir believes that her company’s success is fundamentally linked with a core respect for the intelligence of her young customers. “We’re not trying to ultimately make a sale,” says Bdeir. “The relationship we would like you to have with littleBits starts when you have the product. It doesn’t end when you buy the product.”

LittleBits best reflects this ideology in its extensive education and community-building programs, features that encourage customers to push the limits of the toy. Communication with the clientele is vital for the company’s research in developing new ways to keep its army of curious young minds stimulated.

Bottom Line: Your relationship with the customer begins when the product is purchased

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Video produced by Shalini Sharma // Camera & edit by Tony DitataCW