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Jony Ive Redesigns Apple's UI For iOS 7, Sources Describe It As "Very, Very Flat"

9to5Mac has gathered some interesting information about the next iteration of Apple's mobile OS. Rather like the world was some 600 years ago, it's going to be flat. Yes, that means goodbye skeuomorphism, sayonara leather stitching, close the door on your way out, shadowy stuff. And hello flatness!

The report, it goes without saying, is nothing official—lots of "sources" are quoted, but it sounds plausible. Ive was no fan of skeuomorphism, unlike his former colleague Scott Forstall, Apple cofounder Steve Jobs, and even some UI designers. In fact, does the design for this year's WWDC invitation hint at a return to two dimensions?

One source suggests that iOS 7—codenamed Innsbruck—will be similar to Microsoft Windows Phone's Metro UI, and 9to5's take on the change is that it will bring a younger market to the iPhone. It will boast brand-spanking-new icons, a new design for toolbars, tab bars and other fundamentals. There's also a rumor that you'll be able to make the contents of your phone more "glanceable" courtesy of left- and right-swipes. It sounds very trackpad, which implies that the firm is moving towards one OS to fit them all—all Apple devices, that is.

[Image by Flickr user wheany]