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Samsung Promotes Galaxy S4 With Peek At Its Design Process

Samsung is using the design story of its flagship phone the Galaxy S4 as a promotional push in its own right.

Samsung Promotes Galaxy S4 With Peek At Its Design Process

Samsung‘s new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4, is becoming available all around the world and Samsung is making its usual expensive PR moves to promote it. But one video stands out among the rest, as it promotes the design story of the S4 itself.

VP of product design Minhyouk Lee is quoted in the video saying “People say there is nothing more you can design in smartphones. But in Samsung Design, despite this challenge, we believe we can create something new, something that brings greater value to people.”

The S4 has been criticized for being highly derivative of previous S phones, even of being “plasticky”–despite the video’s assertion that the phone is “like nothing you’ve ever seen before.”

What’s interesting here, though, is that Samsung has used the design story itself as a PR trick. That’s a very Apple-esque trick. But it also suggests Samsung feels consumers may buy the S4 on the strength of its design alone.

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