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BlackBerry Q10 Sells Out In The U.K. In Just Hours

Suits carrying empty suitcases queued round the block for the new smartphone.

BlackBerry Q10 Sells Out In The U.K. In Just Hours

Who would have thought that a throwback gadget would become one of the fastest-selling gadgets in the U.K.? The BlackBerry Q10 went on sale at Selfridges upmarket department store on Saturday and, less than two hours later, was sold out.

The device, which looks exactly like BlackBerries looked like a decade ago, with a raised QWERTY keyboard, shaped like a tombstone from Tombstone, and running the new BB10 OS, was apparently flogged off by the dozen, with corporate buyers and exporters desperate to get their hands on it.

According to one of the suits present at the Bunfight at the BB corral, aka Selfridge’s in-store Carphone Warehouse outlet, sales staff had divided the punters into two lines, those who wanted to buy one unit, and those who were buying in bulk. “Upon arriving, there were lots of exporters buying 20+ units each,” said Michael Collins. “They had suitcases, and one used the suitcase to block people in the escalator so his pal could be first to the counter.”

This eyewitness account also says that, according to one of the salespeople, 2,000 units were sold in the first 90 minutes–“leagues” more than the Z10, according to one of the sales assistants. BlackBerry, however, has not put an official number on sales of either phone.

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