When Surprising Problems Threaten Business, Get Creative To Protect Your (Tiny, Delicious) Product

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Take a trip to one of the 10 Baked By Melissa locations in New York City and you will find cupcakes. Hundreds upon hundreds of delicious, miniature cupcakes.

But like any new business idea, the miniature cupcake trade came with its own set of unexpected challenges. Back in 2009 when Baked By Melissa was just a little kiosk on a SoHo street corner, founder Melissa Ben-Ishay quickly realized the futility of her painstaking efforts to create gorgeous little morsels.

Melissa Ben-Ishay

Specifically, she watched in horror as customers shoved her creations into backpacks and purses, knowing that those mangled gooey cupcakes were going to be the first impression for a city full of disappointed customers.

Tough problems require creative solutions, so the staff at Baked By Melissa developed and patented a rugged travel pack. (You can even throw it against the wall! If you are so inclined!) Now they can guarantee that every purchase will make it home looking like it just popped out of the oven. That’s a fresh fix.

Bottom Line: For a nagging problem, come up with a first-of-its-kind solution

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