FAQs About The Co.Labs And Target Retail Accelerator

FAQs About The Co.Labs And Target Retail Accelerator

What are you really looking for in an app?

The judges are looking for a well-executed app that does something interesting with the retail experience and a mobile device. You can read one judge’s detailed advice here. Whether it is for mobile buying or in-store is up to you. Solve the problem you think is most interesting.

Is this going to be used in place of Target’s current app?

No. This is an additional app, meant to do something new and different.

Is it required to have the catalog of the products, checkout, payment?

No. Your app can focus on whatever tasks you think improve the retail experience–not just buying.

Are we limited to using what is available in your API, or we can have other data sources?

You can mashup any data or APIs you like into your project.

I would prefer to win second prize and keep my IP. If I win the top prize, can I turn it down?

Yes, you may choose to remain a finalist at the end of the contest.

Can our team enter on behalf of our company?

Yes, but if the company wins, it gets awarded the money and it can distribute it however it pleases.

Do I have to wait until entries close to start building my project?

Of course not! You can start writing code as soon as you like. We only ask for a plan at entry.

Can you take international entries?