• 04.25.13

Google Tries To End EU Antitrust Case By Advertising Its Rivals

Google has proposed to the EU that it will have special promoted links to advertise rival search engines.

Google, the European government has decided, unfairly promotes its own services ahead of rivals. To end the antitrust case the EU has against it, Google has proposed that it will have special promoted adverts for three rival search services shown on its pages.


The ads will be clearly delineated from the usual search results using frames or other graphical tricks. The EU has now asked Google’s peers to comment on the offer. Google’s also going to allow sites to opt out of having their data included in product and local searches and will let newspapers limit what of their content reaches Google news. Back in February Google settled a separate case concerning French newspapers and its News service by establishing a €60 million ($82 million) fund to help the French media boost its online services.

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