Biz Stone Using Twitter Talent To Feather Jelly’s Nest

The man behind the #Music app, Kevin Thau, will be the startup’s COO.

Biz Stone Using Twitter Talent To Feather Jelly’s Nest

AllThingsD’s Mike Isaac has all the information on Jelly’s latest hire. It’s Twitter‘s Kevin Thau, the man behind Twitter’s #Music app, who is joining Biz Stone‘s “mystery startup” as Chief Operating Officer.

Thau joins Ben Finkel, another Twitter birdie, who has eschewed his Engineering Manager post at the firm to become CTO. As The Next Web reports, Finkel joined Twitter when his Q&A start-up, Fluther, was bought by the 140-character social media site in December 2010. And Vitor Lourenco, the wunderkind who was behind Twitter’s iconic design, left the firm earlier this year and is now working as a consultant to Jelly.

None of this, however, answers the question that’s on most tech-watchers’ lips: What is Jelly? All we know so far is that it’s an app, it’s been named after the jellyfish, a creature that has a brain that is more “we” than “me”, says The Next Web. The post also bandies about words and phrases such as “collaborative” and “social good”, “mobile”, “free”, and the phrase, from Biz Stone’s blog that says we’ll have to wait a bit.

But it won’t be ready for a while.”

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