• 04.24.13

Twitter Testing Two-Step Authorization To Foil Hacking Attempts

Will this move flip hackers the bird?

Twitter Testing Two-Step Authorization To Foil Hacking Attempts

Wired is reporting that Twitter is testing out two-step authorization on its site with a view to rolling it out incrementally to all its users.


The move comes 24 hours too late for Associated Press, whose Twitter feed was hacked via an impressive phishing email. A subsequent tweet claiming President Obama had been injured in an explosion at the White House caused a hiccup on Wall Street, although the markets later recovered.

There have been a number of hackings of high-profile Twitter accounts recently. Burger King, the BBC’s weather feed, MTV and Jeep have all been victims.

So, as well as a password, you will have to key in some sort of code that is sent to your mobile device via either an SMS or an app. As Wired’s Mat Honan puts it, ” accessing an account requires having two things: something you know (the password) and something you have (a previously registered device).”

What do you think about the move? Is two-step enough to foil hackers or is something more substantial needed? Has your Twitter account ever been hacked, or are you one of those people who changes their passwords on a regular basis? What would you suggest Twitter, and other social media firms do to counter the increasing problem? Use our comments box with your usual wisdom and insight, friends.

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