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With New Leap Motion Support, Google Earth Lets You Touch The World

The world's geographic information is now truly at your fingertips.

Google Earth enables would-be explorers to click through the world without leaving their desks. And now, with new support for Leap Motion's gesture-control technology, they don't even have to click.

In order to zoom in or out, they can instead move their hands down and up. A slight wave turns the globe, and they can mimic a plane to soar over terrain—flying, for instance, under the Golden Gate bridge or over a mountain range.

Support for Leap Motion in the desktop version of Google Earth will go live today, Earth Day, but only about 10,000 developers currently have access to Leap Motion technology. Controllers go on sale for the rest of us next month.

The Controller

[Spinning Globe Image: Flickr user Gabriela Pinto]

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