When You Travel For Work, Your Kids Benefit More From Stories Than Souvenirs

The MAKERS series is a documentary video project of epic scope that would never have seen the light of day if not for the commitment of filmmaker Dyllan McGee.

McGee traveled all over the United States interviewing dozens of women who played a role in the feminist movement and found herself confronted with that all-to-common problem for working women: She felt she wasn’t spending enough time with her kids.

Dyllan McGee

“In your career, you try balance work and life, but there really is no such thing,” says McGee. “You have to think of it as a long road, and there’s balance eventually.”

She tried the old trick of bringing gifts back from her far-flung destinations, but soon realized that the presents became more important than mom–and meant missed opportunities for bonding and learning. Now, McGee returns with tales from the road and keeps her two boys interested in what she does on those late nights behind the camera.

Bottom Line: Keeping your kids involved and interested with storytelling can be an integral part of work-life balance that benefits everyone.

How Rejection Can Inspire Great Movements: The Story of MAKERS

[Video produced by Shalini Sharma // Camera & edit by Tony Ditata]

[Image Courtesy of PBS | Makers]CW