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10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: J.Crew, Detroit Hustle, And More

Check out the creative solutions that Detroit’s best have employed to rebuild and reimagine the city. This story and more in this week’s top 10.

10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: J.Crew, Detroit Hustle, And More

1. How Jenna Lyons Transformed J.Crew Into A Cult Brand
Fast Company
Jenna Lyons turned J.Crew around by sticking to her guns and placing a deeper emphasis on design. Check out her fascinating ascent in this week’s wonderful piece by Danielle Sacks.

2. Find Out Where You Rank On The List Of The World’s Richest People
Ever wonder how rich you are compared to the rest of the world? Now’s your chance to find out!

3. How A Young Community Of Entrepreneurs Is Rebuilding Detroit
Fast Company
Detroit is on its hustle–meet the visionaries on the ground working to improve the once great (and now desolate) city. Also, great to hear that Dan Gilbert is doing good work and not just going on anti-LeBron tirades.

4. Infographic: The Freak Anatomy of Surfing’s Thor
Meet the perfect modern man–I guess a lot of women were reading Co.Design this week…

5. Busy Is The New Lazy
Fast Company
Let’s put an end to the nonsensical, “I’m busy” excuse.

6. How To Schedule Your Day For Peak Creative Performance
Fast Company
Amber Rae shares her secrets for staying both creative and productive each week.

7. Why Your Phone Doesn’t Work During Disasters–And How To Fix It
Fast Company
Disasters can result in increased wireless network loads, ultimately breaking them down at important times. Check out what the industry’s top minds are doing to solve the problem.

8. 7 Design Principles, Inspired By Zen Wisdom
Zen design is a fascinating field–these simple principles can help you appreciate the art of simplicity.

9. The 10 Fastest Growing Megacities In The World
Curious who is going to be top dog in the next decade? Read on to find out.

10. How Facebook Did UX Testing For Facebook Home (With Fewer Than 60 People)
Not sold on Facebook Home? Blame the test subjects.

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