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Google Testing One Today Philanthropic App That Donates $1 To Good Causes

It's Android-only, U.S.-only for the moment, and uses Social Media to spread the word.

From today, Google is testing a new philanthropic venture. One Today is a mobile app which allows users to give a dollar to a different good cause every day. Although the firm has said that it's an invite-only service right now, the app is available on Google Play.

One Today works alongside Google for Nonprofits, whose members are the organizations which will benefit from the micro-payment charity. Some of the initiatives that donors can help include wildlife protection schemes, education, health, and the environment, both at home and abroad.

Users who donate regularly via the app will find that the algorithm starts to work out what their pet causes are and personalizes the recipients accordingly. The microphilanthropers can share their good deeds on social media, which may or may not influence their circles of friends to donate a dollar through the service as well.

[Image by Flickr user zeevveez]

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