• 04.18.13

Verizon Reports $1.95 Billion Quarterly Profit, 4 Million iPhones Sold

The giant U.S. cell network just reported its first quarter data for 2013, and it’s good.

For the first quarter of 2013 Verizon’s profits of $1.95 billion were aided by 677,000 new subscribers–Verizon now has some 98.9 million users. The figures represent a turnaround on the last quarter when Hurricane Sandy was largely to blame for Verizon’s $1.9 billion loss.


This quarter Verizon activated 188,000 FiOS Net customers join and 169,000 FiOS Video ones. That makes the FiOS segment about 69% of Verizon’s overall consumer revenue, and reflects the increasing adoption rates of fast Net services across the U.S.

Most interesting to smartphone news watchers is that Verizon’s data seems to suggest it activated 7.2 million smartphones in the quarter, with 4 million of them being iPhones (2 million were the brand new iPhone 5 model with LTE). That’s well over half the smartphones Verizon sold. Windows phones and other marques like BlackBerry don’t command significant market share, but will comprise some of this figure, it means Android phone sales were a lot less than half of Verizon’s smartphone sales in the quarter. That’s a reversal on the accepted norm for Android smartphone markets.

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