• 04.18.13

Nokia Posts Quarterly Loss Of $196 Million, But Lumia Sales Are Up

Nokia’s losses are actually an improvement, and sales of its flagship Lumia smartphones are up, but Nokia still missed expectations.

Nokia’s first quarter 2013 results include a hefty €150 million (about $196 million) loss instead of a profit. But this represents a significant turnaround from the same figure for 2012 which was booked as a €1.3 billion loss.


The losses were from €5.8 billion ($7.6 billion) in sales, a 20% slide on last year’s figure. But among those sales were some 5.6 million units of Nokia’s flagship Lumia smartphones…and that’s actually up 27% on the previous quarter. That’s a significant success for the company and could suggest that its effort to become the third big player in the smartphone market with Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system may finally be getting some traction. It’s also the first time Lumia phones have outsold Nokia’s Symbian-equipped dumber phones.

The results arrive alongside rumors that Nokia is planning a “phablet” device with a bigger screen (but that doesn’t quite place it in the tablet device class) for later in 2013.

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