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Google Forbids The Loan Or Reselling Of Its Glass Project

You may not: "resell, loan, transfer, or give" your Google Glass to anyone else. That's the somewhat draconian terms of service that Mountain View has put together for its eyewear, as unearthed yesterday by Wired.

The first batch of Explorer Edition Glass headsets are shipping this week, and Google has been releasing more details about its miniature computer, from the device's tech specs to its ad-free, chargeable-app free terms of service for developers.

Wired calls such terms of service "the Silicon Valley equivalent of a velvet rope," pointing out that one early obtainer of Google Glass was hoping to make a huge profit by reselling the headset on eBay, until it was pointed out to him that such an action was verboten.

"Welcome to the New World, one in which companies are retaining control of their products even after consumers purchase them," says Wired.

[Image by Flickr user Plushroom Soup]