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The Code War

Security Holes Discovered In Weibo, WeChat, Handcent

Researchers at UC Davis have discovered holes in three popular Android apps which allow outsiders to impersonate users and gain access to personal information.

Researchers at the University of California-Davis have found security holes in three popular Android apps: Handcent SMS, WeChat, and Weibo. All three services have huge worldwide followings; Weibo is the Chinese equivalent of Twitter and one of the world's most used microblogging services. A team lead by computer science professor Zhendong Su discovered the leaks, which expose private information and allow outsiders to fraudulently post messages from other people's accounts. The University, which named the companies involved, says they have not yet received a response.

In a press release, graduate student Dennis (Liang) Xu said of the holes that "It's a developer error [..] The code was intended to be private but they left it public."

[Image: Flickr user missrogue]

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