Medium Buys Long-Form Journalism Site Matter

Twitter cofounder Evan Williams only launched Medium in the summer of 2012. The interactive blogging and publishing site relies on user upvoting to organize its posts. Now Medium’s expanded by buying long-format technology and science startup Matter.

Matter was founded by experienced British tech writer Bobbie Johnson late last year and published its first story only in November. It’s a tech site of a different sort than many others because of its focus on long-form journalism. The site publishes one long story each month, selling them for $0.99, and making them available through its website and as Kindle Singles texts. The company is a Kickstarter alumnus, having raised over $140,000 about a year ago.

Fast Company chatted with Johnson via Twitter. “It’s still early days for both Medium and MATTER,” he wrote, “but I think the response so far has shown people realise how much sense it makes.”

Matter will remain a separate company from Medium after the acquisition, and it’s understood that Johnson and cofounder Jim Giles will also work on Medium’s editorial team. Medium has recently expanded its facilities to include comments and a collaborative publishing feature.KE