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Mailbox Ditches Its Waiting List

Got some email problems? Help has finally arrived.

Mailbox Ditches Its Waiting List

A month after being acquired by Dropbox, Mailbox announced that it is throwing out its long wait list—and its services will be open to everyone. "Good news!" the company wrote in a post today. "Mailbox is now available without having to wait in line. After 10 weeks of around-the-clock hard work, our engineering team has scaled the Mailbox service to deliver over 100 million messages per day (and growing). We believe we can now confidently handle new users as they sign up, so we’ve pulled down the reservation system."

The service had an 800,000-person wait list when Fast Company checked in February—a number only to have likely increased once paired with Dropbox (unless the influx of staff and dollars helped more immediately shorten the list). For why it may have been worth the wait, check out Fast Company's coverage of the chaos email-solving service here.

[Image: Flickr user Indiana Public Media]