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Future of Retail

Why Is Walmart Buying Socialcalendar?

The world’s largest retailer is banking on big new market where Facebook currently rules

Why Is Walmart Buying Socialcalendar?

A company called Socialcalendar, built on the Facebook platform, calls itself "the place for birthdays and holidays" and claims to have 100 million special dates belonging to 15 million users. Ostensibly Walmart is making a social gifting play with this acquisition. Via AllFacebook.

But what does the retail giant want with a calendar app? One possibility is tracking birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions to suggest gifts — especially if users can then purchase the suggested items with just a few additional clicks. That could easily happen by tying the calendar into Walmart’s ShopyCat commerce app.

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[Image: Flickr user Till Westermayer]