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Future of Retail

What To Do About QR Codes

Here are eight things you should do regarding QR codes and four things you shouldn't

What To Do About QR Codes

Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of using barcodes in a retail business: educating everyone in the store, customers and employees alike. This is more necessary than it might appear, since iOS devices don't come pre-loaded with a QR code reading app. While iPhone-owning customers might be aware you can access information via an in-store code, they may be discouraged from interacting with it because they don't know QR-reader apps are out there, or are baffled by the variety on the App Store. Many Android devices do include QR code readers in a spate of preloaded apps, but you can’t assume users are even aware of them. Via The Mobilists:

First educate your employees. They need to be able to help your customers if they are having any problems understanding what to do. This may take a little up front time but the end result will increase the efficiency of your store. Second, educate your customers. I would put up signs explaining the QR codes and how to use them. Your employees should be ready to help if they run into any questions. Macy’s used a video explaining the codes in their "Backstage Pass" campaign.

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