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Where Are They Now?

Hey Apple, Microsoft Is Working On A Watch. Scared?

The software firm apparently asked suppliers in the Far East to start shipping components that would be compatible with a wrist-warn device earlier this year. Redmond declined to comment on the rumors, which would bring it into competition with Apple, Google, LG, and Samsung.

Hey Apple, Microsoft Is Working On A Watch. Scared?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft is the latest firm chasing after a slice of the lucrative wearable tech market. Asian suppliers have apparently been contacted in order to ship components for a "touch-enabled watch device," for the software firm's R&D department. There is, as yet, no indication whether the device will be greenlit.

Microsoft is lagging behind other firms on the wrist-based computing front. Apple's efforts in this sector have already been well documented, and Cupertino's nemesis, Samsung, Google, and another Korean firm, LG, are both rumored to be pushing forward with watches.

The Verge has pointed out, however, that Microsoft had an earlier foray into the sector, with its 2004 SPOT—that's Smart Personal Object Technology, folks—which allowed the wearer to receive Messenger IMs, stock market action and news headlines.

The most visible example of wearable tech that we've seen so far, however, is Google's Glass project, whose first batch of Explorer Edition AR glasses, is expected to ship to developers next month.

[Image via Flickr user France1978]