Dodgers Lose Greinke, Win Twitter War

The Dodgers’ official Twitter account started it with a quote from the movie Anchorman.

Dodgers Lose Greinke, Win Twitter War

Last night Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Zach Greinke beaned the San Diego Padres’ Carlos Quentin, which led to a bench clearing brawl and a broken collarbone for the star Dodgers pitcher (Greinke and Quentin had some history dating back to ’08).

Greinke immediately left the game, but the extent of the injury wasn’t known until later. Once it was, the @Dodgers social media team dropped this T-bomb. They may have used San Diego’s beloved Ron Burgundy’s signature sign-off, but they may as well have gone with the Anchorman’s infamous teleprompter gaffe, “I’m Ron Burgundy. Go f— yourself, San Diego.”

The brawl went on for a while, and erupted a second time when Jerry Hairston, Jr. ran back over to the Padres’ bench, pointing and cursing.

In the tunnel on the way to the team bus, Quentin and All-Star Matt Kemp nearly resorted to fisticuffs as well, before they were pulled apart.

Even Dodgers part owner Magic Johnson got in on the Twitter backlash.

The most painful thing for the Dodgers though? Greinke’s freshly inked $147 million contract. Ouch.

Despite the immaturity displayed today, Major League Baseball as a whole has proved to be quite savvy when it comes to digital and social media. For some of their cooler projects click here and here.


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