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CrossFit-Like Workout Now Available In App Form (Corrected)

CrossFit has been sweeping the nation in recent years, but still many unfamiliar with the hellish workout are afraid to go near a "box" because it's either too expensive or too intimidating. Today, mobile personal trainer GAIN Fitness has released a new app: CrossFit Unboxed.

GAIN Fitness founder Nick Gammell said he worked with CrossFit trainers to develop an app that generates custom tailored Workouts Of the Day (WODs) for the user, complete with CrossFit-like exercises (and video instruction for each).

"It does so based on your equipment and location," Gammell told Fast Company. You tell the app what kind of equipment you have, and it does the rest: it gave me (a beginner with intermediate strength) handstand pushups, grasshoppers, bridge ups and air squats. Whew.

With CrossFit Unboxed, Gammell has tried to incorporate the feel of genuine classes, by replicating the social competitive dynamic, the intensity, the timing and the randomized workouts. In a few weeks, the app will launch a social feature, enabling users to create a WOD, record their score and challenge friends.

Then there's the "pocket mode". Put the phone in pocket mode, place it in your armband or pocket, and start exercising. Each time you complete one of the exercises, you simply swipe vertically and the audio cue will tell you what to do next. The app comes with four free customized workouts, before you have to pay anything (though once you get past the free part it can quickly add up to $35-$50).

Editor's Note: A previous version of this story inaccurately suggested that this app was affiliated with CrossFit. Thanks to CrossFit for alerting us to the error.