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Goal-Line Technology Coming To Premier League Soccer Next Season

The "blazers," as the Football Association bosses are known, will be installing the Hawk-Eye system at Wembley Stadium in time for the Community Shield match, in August.

Goal-Line Technology Coming To Premier League Soccer Next Season

Change is coming to English soccer.

The Premier League has agreed to use goal-line technology for the 2013-2014 season, after a vote was taken by the chairmen of the 20 soccer clubs.

The result is a huge win for football fans, although it will not find much support amongst the men in black, aka the referees.

The system used will be British-developed Hawk-Eye, which is already used to call the shots in tennis and cricket, and will consist of seven cameras placed in and around each goalmouth on the pitch. It is, apparently, "millimetre accurate."

One place you won't be seeing the technology, however, is the Champions' League. UEFA, the Europe-wide football body, is currently headed up by Michel Platini, the Frenchman whose hostility to goal-line cameras is legendary. (PlayStation football, anyone?)

FIFA boss Sepp Blatter, is inscrutable on the matter. A one-time skeptic, Blatter now makes more conciliatory noises, while continuing to pencil in initial discussions of the issue in a diary date marked twelfth of never. So perhaps this is the way to implement it: one country at a time.

[Image by Flickr user Akuppa]