• 04.12.13

Apple May Be About To Launch An “iRadio” Music Streaming System

Online streaming may finally be about to hit the world’s biggest digital music seller.

Apple May Be About To Launch An “iRadio” Music Streaming System

Despite Apple‘s domination of the digital music game, the company hasn’t been able to offer a music streaming service of the likes of Spotify or Rdio. That may be about to change.

advertisement is reporting that multiple sources say Apple is close to signing a new deal with Universal Music Group and that Warner Music is not far behind. The record labels have apparently rebuffed Apple’s attempts to get big discounts in licensing music content for streaming purposes, and instead is expected to pay licensing rates similar to that which Pandora pays. Apple’s music radio system is expected to be a little different than Pandora’s “radio station” model, though, and allow a more on-demand type of access to music.

Apple has previously moved toward music streaming by enabling its users to get cloud-based access to tracks they’ve previously bought from iTunes–but the system wasn’t a truly on-demand model, which offers more unlimited access for a subscription fee. The company was recently said to have talked to Beats about its own upcoming music streaming service, “Project Daisy.”

Do you like the idea of streaming music under a subscription model, or do you prefer to “own” your own tracks?

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