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Where Are They Now?

LinkedIn Announces Acquisition Of News Aggregator Pulse For $90 Million

Can InPulse find that gap in the market provided by the shuttering of Google Reader?

LinkedIn Announces Acquisition Of News Aggregator Pulse For $90 Million

LinkedIn has finalized its sale with Pulse, it announced yesterday. The social network for networkers paid $90 million for the news aggregator, around $10 million less than was originally thought.

Deep Nishar, LinkedIn's SVP of product and user experience, called Pulse "the perfect complement" to LinkedIn. Pulse will continue in its current form for now, and the only change will be a new Influencer feed, says Pulse, with content from innovators such as Sir Richard Branson.

Although there's no clear strategy as to how LinkedIn will use Pulse, the key lies in the site's executive editor Dan Roth, who has been upping LinkedIn's content factor, creating and publishing stuff to keep its user base engaged. (According to AllThingsD's Kara Swisher, "engagement" is the site's buzzword for 2013.)

The upcoming demise of Google Reader could provide Roth with a huge opportunity to turn LinkedIn into more than just an online repository for resumes and forums. He will, however, have competition. Feedly put on a cool half-million users within days of the Google announcement, and both Yahoo and Digg are thought to have aspirations in the news aggregation sector.

[Image by Flickr user El Payo]